Check out what it’s like to be a member at TEAM QUEST !!!

Team Quest San Jacinto is located in the Inland Empire Region of Southern California. Team Quest welcomes those who want to train hard and see results quickly. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness level, shed pounds, or become a competitive fighter, Team Quest has a program for you.

Our goal is to offer quality training that is tailored to the specific needs of our members in a family-friendly environment. At Team Quest San Jacinto, you are more than a number. We encourage you to discuss your specific fitness goals with us so we can set up an individual training program for you. When you take a class at Team Quest Fitness Center, YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED, YOU WILL SWEAT, and, most important, YOU WILL HAVE FUN!!!

Team Quest Fitness Center offers a variety of mixed martial arts and fitness classes. We have daily classes in muay thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling, fitness, and cardio-kick boxing. Kids classes are available for children five and over.

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